3K Multimedia has specialized in Pre-Press Services like data capturing, data conversions, data basing, typesetting, document scanning etc. 3K has been serving the composition needs of UK and US based clients with diverse e-publishing requirements.

We use state-of-the-art software programs and imaging technologies apart from in-house developed proven software programs to produce quality standards and precision of 99.995% and above. The imaging, scanning, and document management standards are consistent with European and US standards.


E-publishing is the conversion of paper publications into electronic images on your computer. Once on your desktop these publications can be retrieved effortlessly in seconds. Our team of professionals includes information workers and information managers. Our clients are publishers, media companies, libraries, universities and government agencies. They all benefit from 3K and services to work smarter, faster and get more focused on their customers.

Document Scanning

3K has the facility to scan documents of all types and sizes to all standards including TIF, JPEG and GIF . We also handle delicate documents for scanning. Preparation and sorting is provided along with full quality control on the output images clarity and content. Our expertise in handling data and documents ensures security and accuracy of the source documents.

PDF Conversion

PDF - Portable Document Format - one of the most widely used universal document distribution formats available today. Our expertise in converting PDF documents to and from a diverse range of formats has made 3K a Leader in PDF Processing. Whether the source data is hardcopy or a diverse range of electronic formats we create a full range of PDF output. All with an extensive range of quality levels and options.